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INTRODUCTION 2 The Jacobsen AR3 is a Diesel engined self propelled Rotary mower. The hydraulic systems are for the traction drive, the cutting unit lift and the lower and cutting unit drives and steering. IMPORTANT: The reliability and cutting performance of this machine will depend on the its care and use.

738 Years later, another Dante was born in Mulazzo. Right below the white marble statue of the poet. It was a dog and predestined to be mine since I expressed my wish to own one of the offspring of his mother Chicca. As it turned out later, his father was the German shepherd named Brutus. So this year, this month, I celebrate Dante’s 12th birthday.

For several weeks already, schoolchildren at a number of schools had been staying away from classes to protest the imposition of Afrikaans as the language of instruction in schools:

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