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Joshua Michael Homme was born in Joshua Tree, California on May 17, 1973. [11] He grew up in an affluent family in Palm Desert, California . His paternal grandfather, Cap, moved to the area from North Dakota . Homme's surname is of Norwegian origin and is believed to come from the town of Valle . His additional ancestry includes English , French-Canadian , German , Jewish , and Swedish . [12] The Homme family have a local street named after them in a golfing community, and Cap has a park named after him in an exclusive enclave of the Coachella Valley . [13] In 2011, Homme discussed having to "create your own fun" as a child growing up in the desert, stating that he did not start playing music to "get girls or make money" and that he assumed that he would grow up to be "a good contractor like [his] dad". [14]

In 1987, when he was 14 years old, Homme formed a punk rock-influenced heavy metal band with schoolmates John Garcia and Brant Bjork in Palm Desert called ...

Klear View Harmonix - You No GoodKlear View Harmonix - You No GoodKlear View Harmonix - You No Good