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I pretty much agree with some point of your review, no matter what random people says on Lastfm (about your review, I mean). First of all, this record, in comparison with ASOP, is better : much more memorable melodies, catchier choruses, etc. Anyway, Sounds Of … is million lightyears away from what they’ve made before, I mean Reroute To Remain, or Clayman; yes even Reroute To Remain, which is their best in the “new era”, for me of course, and that’s a point I wanted to pop-out, even if this record is post-Clayman-ish. Yes, Clayman has nothing to do with their new sound, but began the evolution.
Oh, and for Ander’s vocals, well, there’s a hole between this record and everything In Flames produced before ASOP. They are bad, listenable though, 2,5 out of 5 would have been my personal notation :). Or maybe 3, I don’t really know.
To conclude, I apoligize for the few mistakes I might have made, I’m not a native english speaker ;).

She read me the email. It struck me as not manic or fake like his previous ones, but gentler and more self-aware. They were the words she longed to hear last year. So why did she, and I, feel confused?

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Now fully aware of the seriousness of the situation, Stern busted out every trick in the book to keep the man talking instead of jumping. He encouraged Bonilla to find a hobby that would get him "tuned into anything in life," reminded him that life is sometimes challenging, and, uh, told him that if he killed himself, he'd never get the chance to see Stern's movie, Private Parts .

Most women aren't going to be excessively mean to you, especially if they're dating you. Most realize that insulting a m …

The phrase built like a brick shithouse is used in the United States to compliment a curvaceous woman, but in other English-speaking countries to compliment men with athletic physiques. [4] This meaning originates from the observation that most shithouses are rather ramshackle affairs constructed of plywood or scrap sheets of steel.

Of course, there are outcasts who really are intimidated, silenced, and oppressed. They tend to be nonwhite, queer, fat, or disabled — the four groups that are the most consistently and widely bullied in American schools. In other words, the “nerds” who are bullied are being bullied for other things than being a nerd. Straight, able-bodied white boys may also have been bullied for their perceived nerdiness — although the epithets thrown often reveal a perceived lack of masculinity or heterosexuality — but the statistics on bullying do not report “nerdiness” as a common factor in bullying incidents. Nevertheless, the myth of nerd oppression and its associated jock/nerd dichotomy let every slightly socially awkward white boy who likes sci-fi explain away his privilege and lay his ressentiment at the feet of the nearest women and people of color.

The Shitty Listener - Girls All Say EPThe Shitty Listener - Girls All Say EPThe Shitty Listener - Girls All Say EPThe Shitty Listener - Girls All Say EP