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The first monster in the Babaloneon Empire, Arstron emerged from the ground and almost engaged Ghostron in battle. As the Science Garrison watched on in awe, yet another beast, Gokinezula , joined the three in a titanic three-way battle royal. As the three monsters were locked in mortal combat, Aboras and Banila emerged as well and battled elsewhere on the island. With five monsters running wild, the Science Garrison began to blanket the entire island with bombs in hopes of killing them all off, however the Babaloneon Empire fought back as well, downing their jet in between Arstron and Ghostron. Arstron was quick to respond to the Science Garrison's presence and quickly destroyed what remained of their ship. The Science Garrison however was not without its own defenses and was able to destroy Arstron after firing at rocket at the monster.

New Zealand wattlebirds are crow- or starling-like songbirds. Genetic comparisons suggests that they shared a common ancestor with the satinbirds, berrypeckers and longbills of New Guinea. Together they form the New Zealand endemic bird family Callaeidae, comprising North and South Island species of kokako and saddleback (tieke), and the now extinct huia. All have (or had) rounded wings, limited powers of sustained flight, and use bounds, hops and jumps to move around forests.

Moa - Imitation GoldmotionMoa - Imitation GoldmotionMoa - Imitation GoldmotionMoa - Imitation Goldmotion